A new love affair

Wild swimming had become my new favourite thing, if by new favourite thing I mean obsession. I’m eyeing up every water body I encounter, wondering if I can have a quick dip, researching places to go on my lunch break and regularly finding my mind wander as a longing overtakes me to feel cold water … Continue reading A new love affair


Day 30 – 30 Days Wild Blanket – all done!

**Note - I wrote this blog post at the end of June in 2017 but for some strange reason I didn't actually publish it!! As it's the 1st of June, which means the first day of 30 Days Wild 2018, it feels quite fitting to share this today. I will say though that I am … Continue reading Day 30 – 30 Days Wild Blanket – all done!

Day 29 – Bat

I completely forgot to share this square yesterday! I posted it on instagram but neglected the blog - sorry! So here's day 29: I really struggled to get a good photo of this square but I promise it looks better in real life! Stay wild!