Casey Bank

(Apologies in advance if this post looks a little odd; my laptop gave up on life the other day so I’m attempting to write this on my phone.)

Yesterday saw me boarding the minibus for the first time in over a month and I could not have been happier. I’ve really missed the other volunteers and doing a hard days work on the great outdoors.

The reserve we were working on was Casey Bank; one that I hadn’t visited before. Located in the Staffordshire moorlands the reserve is on the side of the hill. Parts of it are rather boggy from the water running down and we were there to finish mowing some reeds.


We were cutting swarthes of vegetation as birds such as snipe and lapwing can be found on the site. They prefer a mixture of cover for hiding and open space for feeding in.


We weren’t tackling giants reeds like we have before at places like Jacksons; they were more like thick grass, so the work wasn’t too demanding and I had plenty of time to enjoy the views.image


The site is also grazed by some rather shaggy shetland ponies. They were very enquisitive and stayed around the landy all day trying to steal anything that was left too close to the fence.



I’d recomend volunteering to anyone. All the other volunteers are so friendly and it’s a nice feeling when you look around and see what all your hard work has achieved. There’s also something about being outside that’s good for the soul. Even when I don’t think I’ve got any troubles or worries, after a day outside I feel happier in myself, like a weights been lifted from my shoulders. There’s so much to marvel at, so much beauty to take in that even returning to the same place can never get old. Everyone should take a little time to enjoy the outdoors and then see what a difference it can make to how you feel.

Beth x


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