Ready to go Wild


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Last year The Wildlife Trusts challenged us to ‘go wild’ every day for a whole month in their 30 Days Wild campaign. They encouraged people to make a little room for nature in their lives and to complete a ‘Random Act of Wildness’ every day in June. Over 18,000 people took up the challenge and danced in the rain, made elder flower cordial, wrote a wild poem, built a bug hotel and much much more. Even those who already loved nature and spent a lot of time outdoors found new things to do. Not only did those who took part report that they had a lot of fun, it was also found that doing something ‘wild’ everyday can increase physical and mental wellbeing!

Not surprisingly 30 Days Wild is back and this year I’m taking part.

I failed rather miserably in the attempt last year as I was moving/starting a new job/on holiday so this year I’m determined to take up the challenge and see it through to the end. I’m extremely lucky that in my job (Reserves Officer for the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire) I get out onto nature reserves on a nearly daily basis and having a birder boyfriend means I have someone to accompany me on wildlife adventures outside of work time. This may sound like 30 Days WildΒ should be easy for me to complete but I want to use it as a chance to do some things I wouldn’t normally do and learn to appreciate nature in new ways. I’ve already downloaded the 30 Days Wild app and have been looking through it to gain some inspiration. Normally my nature interactions involve having a wander and seeing what I spot, maybe occasionally id-ing something new. With 30 Days Wild I’m looking forward to getting stuck in, paddling in a stream or wild foraging or getting my hands dirty growing some plants for pollinators. Who knows what I’ll get up to!



If you’re interested in taking part yourself you’ll be pleased to know it’s not too late to sign up! Ask for a digital pack and you’ll be ready to join in the fun when it starts tomorrow.

You can keep up to date with what everyone else taking part is up to and share your Random Acts of Wildness using #30DaysWild.Β I plan to write about my adventures here but you can also follow me on Twitter (@BethAucott) or Instagram (@bethaucott). (Sorry not sorry about the shameless self promotion!)

“We don’t want you to give anything up this June. You don’t have to bake, grow a moustache or dress in funny clothes (although you can if you want, of course). We just want you to give yourself time in the wild: time for you, time your family, time to reconnect with nature.” The Wildlife Trusts

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