Day 3 – Spotting Wildlife from the Car


This weekend my 30 Days Wild posts will be coming to you from the beautiful Cockcrow Barn in Norfolk where I’m spending the next few days with my lovely course friends from uni.

Matt and I used yesterdays activity to show that you can find nature no matter what you are doing – in this case spending two hours in the car to drive here. Out came the trusty notebook and we decided to record all the wildlife we saw.

First couple of species on the list

It was a pretty grey and miserable day as it’s been all week in Bedfordshire (Please stop sharing all your sunny photos on Twitter. It’s making me sad) so there was no hope of catching sight of any late-to-bed butterflies but overall I don’t thing we did too badly.

The A1 - not the most inspiring view!

Birds were fairly easy to ID as we whizzed past but I did learn plants are a lot trickier when you can’t get down to ground level and have a proper look. I made me realise that I have developed as a botanist when I feel frustrated at just writing down ‘Buttercup’; I want to know if it’s Meadow, Creeping or Bulbous!

By the end of the journey we has spotted 37 ‘species’, mostly birds and plants with one mammal – a road kill badger.

Some of the list

We normally shout out if we’ve spotted a species whilst driving so it was fun to keep a list and tally up exactly how much we saw. We’re also making the attempt to note down where we’ve seen any roadkill, particularly mammals, so we can report it to the county recorder as valuable data.

I’m not yet sure what wild things we’re going to get up to in Norfolk. Someone *cough*Matt*cough* brought the moth trap but forgot the bulbs so that activity is out the window. We are booked on to a seal boat trip later today and I did see some bats in the garden last night which could be a great reason to use the bat detector I got for my birthday for the first time! Whatever we do it’s going to involve having fun and sharing knowledge with my uni friends, who are all biology/zoology/genetics graduates but not quite as in to nature as Matt and I. Maybe I can convince them to take up the 30 Days Wild challenge!

Stay wild!


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