Day 5 – Sun, swifts, sand and sharing with others


There was no real one activity for 30 Days Wild today. Instead it was more about spending time outdoors with others and sharing the fun.

One of the real highlights of today, and even the whole weekend really, has been hearing Swifts screaming overhead every time we’ve set foot outdoors!  Swifts are fascinating birds, barely landing after they fledge. The first time I hear them every year is a signal that summer is finally here. I’ve heard and seen a few over the last few weeks but this weekend it felt as if the skies were full of them. I obviously had to share my delight with the others and they could soon pick them out themselves, swooping overhead.

After we were all finally dressed and eaten brunch, accompanied by Swift screams, we decided to head to the beach. Whether you consider yourself a nature lover or not it is hard to resist the chance to feel the sand between your toes. A few of decided to brave getting our toes wet and went for a paddle. As the tide was so far out this meant stomping around in the pools that had been warmed by the sun rather then making it out to the sea. It was still fun! We then sat up on the sand, tucked against the dunes, talking and just generally being together outside.

Everybody loves the beach!

I’m now back in Bedfordshire after our weekend in Norfolk but was absolutely delighted to get out the car and be greeted to the sight of Swifts swooping over the house πŸ˜€

Listening to Swifts whilst setting the moth trap (a little clue as to what we're doing tomorrow!)

Stay wild!


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