Day 6 – Moth Trapping

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_06After the disaster of forgetting the bulbs in Norfolk we decided that last night was a good a time as any to get the moth trap out. It was the first time we’ve set it since we’ve lived in Bedfordshire (9 months for me and a little longer for Matt) so it was about time!

Setting the trap

We bounced (kind of) out of bed when the alarm went off and headed downstairs to see what we’d caught. I love that first moment of inspecting the moth trap. There’s a sense of nervous excitement – have we caught anything or not? Each egg box is turned over and greeted with a triumphant cry of ‘We got one!’ or a slight sigh of disappointment. Finds are carefully transferred into pots where they can be admired and studied before their name is uncovered.

Inspecting the haul (Yes we did it in our pjs)

As Matt approached the trap there was a flurry of red and black and a Cinnabar moth made a bid for freedom. He wasn’t quick enough to get that one but closer inspection found another hiding underneath the bulbs. We moved the trap off the grass and Matt potted each of the moths whilst I dutifully scribed. His moth knowledge is better then mine so he could id a fair chunk of  the catch straight away. Once each moth was carefully secured in a pot we took them inside and set to trying to identify those that were left whilst we  were eating our breakfast.

Peppered Moth
Treble Line
True Lovers Knot (I  think)
Moths on toast anyone?
Flicking through the books
Figuring out the last few

It was a rather enjoyable way to start the morning. Moths can quite often be subtly beautiful and it is good fun (generally) paying close attention to the details and trying to find the match in the book. Now that we’ve done it once hopefully Moth Trapping will be a more regular occurence and I can improve my identification skills.

Stay wild!


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