Day 7 – Enjoying the rain


A belated post to end the first week of 30 Days Wild!

Yesterday was a bit of a unplanned event. It was a midweek volunteer group day and we were at Fancott Woods and Meadows to carry out a few jobs. The sun was shining and the meadows were looking gloriously yellow with buttercups and Yellow Rattle. The fence had been fixed, litter picked, trees cleared from paths, last tea break over and done with and we were just finishing off the last few bits when the heavens opened. And I mean opened! Someone may as well have poured buckets over our heads as we were soaked within seconds.

After the initial shock of being drenched I realised that it wasn’t as bad as it first seemed and actually quite a relief after the heat of the day. Thunder started to rumble overhead and we took shelter in the stable as the rain kept pouring. Eventually we had to wander back to the vehicles so I took my time to enjoy being in the rain as normally the second it gets wet I throw on a coat or duck inside. I think everyone should stand outside in the rain once in a while. It’s very refreshing! (Though I was relieved to swap into a dry top when I got in the car!)

A rather unflattering photo of me not looking like I'm enjoying the rain!

Stay wild!


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