Day 9 – Preparing for a Wild Adventure


Day 9 of 30 Days Wild was a simply stunning day. At work we were fencing at Pegsdon and I saw my first bee orchid of the year.

I work in some beautiful places!
First Bee Orchid of the year

When I got home we continued to make the most of the sun. The ice cream van was on our street as we parked up so I sent Matt running after it to get me one πŸ™‚

Ice cream time!

We then retreated into the garden. A beautiful green shield bug landed on the ground near us but scarpered as soon as I attempted to photograph it.

We decided to make the most of the weather and crack on with a job we’ve been putting off for a while – cleaning our tent. It wasn’t the most glamorous or exciting job but it needs to be done so we can have wild adventures later in the year. We’re off to Scilly in August for ten days and will be camping for the whole time. I had an amazing long weekend on the islands in May but there was so much else to see that I am looking forward to spending longer exploring all the different islands and getting out on some boat trips. Camping is a bonus (I love sleeping in a tent) as long as the weather stays nice!

Beth's Top Tip - Don't put away your wet tent and leave it to fester in the shed for a couple of months!

Obviously the sun made the job a lot easier and we had plenty of breaks to soak up the rays and watch the Goldfinches flitting across the garden.

Stay wild!


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