Day 12 – Make your Wildlife Sightings Count


Matt and I are currently eating ice cream and attempting to make some sort of sense of our wildlife records ready to submit to the county recorders/ relevant organisations.

So many notebooks!

My records are currently split between two notebooks; Wildlife Trust BCN sites and all other Wildlife Wanders. I also have the occasional scraps of paper with random records jotted down on them. Matt has two notebooks; one for Moths and one for Birds.

Getting the Checklist from the Beds Moth website

We are (well Matt is) currently trying to transfer some of the records onto excel spreadsheets. This makes them a little easier to check and sort through and also means it should be easy for us to know when we find a new species!

After we’ve finished faffing on excel we will start entering our records online so that the county recorders can add them to their database. I know lots of people use iRecord to submit wildlife sightings but in Bedfordshire we have access to Adnoto – a set of nifty online recording forms put together by Bedfordshire Natural History Society. They don’t have forms for all taxonomic groups but these missing groups can be recorded on spreadsheets and sent off to the relevant person.

The fantastic adnoto section of the bnhs website
Submitting mammal records

So why are we going through all of this effort? Because wildlife records are vital pieces of information. They provide a picture of what wildlife is where, how a population may be doing and if a species range is expanding, stable or decreasing. This knowledge can be used to judge if habitat management is successful or where may be best to consider a reintroduction project. We need to know what is there if we want to be able to protect it!

Back to the notebooks for me.

Stay wild!


One thought on “Day 12 – Make your Wildlife Sightings Count

  1. Oh my, I really need to sort my wildlife records and get them sent off to county recorders / iRecord / relevant landowners. I haven’t even sorted my 2015 records! Doing that is actually one of my 2016 Wildlife Resolutions – a resolution I haven’t made much progress with I must admit :/

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