Day 13 – Crafts inspired by Nature


Having relatively recently taken up crochet I find myself with a rather surprising amount of yarn and a bag full of multicoloured scraps. Today I decided to start using them up and took my inspiration from nature – I made flowers!


I have a couple of crochet books with some basic patterns in which I decided to use first. Using the white and yellow I made myself a daisy.


I then decided to find something a little more challenging and tried my hand at a sunflower (pattern from here).


I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out though I think the sunflower needs to be pressed for a while as some of the stitches are making it twist. I’m planning on using up more scraps in the same way, maybe using some green to join them all together in a big yarn-y bouquet. Now I can have flowers to brighten up the day no matter what the season is πŸ™‚


Stay wild!


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