Day 16 – (Fail to) Id a Wildflower

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_16

I’m very good at taking photos of things to identify and then never actually getting round to doing it so for Day 16 I actually took the time to try and work out what the flower I’d photographed was.

I hit a hurdle straight away – the photos I’d taken were awful! It had been bright and sunny making my phone screen hard to see when I’d taken the photograph so I’d hit the button and hoped. I should have checked as neither the flower or the Large Skipper on it were in focus!

Not my best photo ever :/
I’ve flicked through my plant book and I am learning towards Tufted Vetch as there aren’t many flowers in the book like this but I am more than happy to be corrected!

I’ve learnt my lesson though; when taking photos of flowers make sure they are in focus and take photos of ALL the parts as it makes it so much easier to identify!

Stay wild!


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