Day 19 -Bird Song

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_19

I nearly failed 30 Days Wild on Day 19. We spent the day at my dads, relaxing, catching up with my family and eating a roast dinner. We didn’t actively go out to look for wildlife and I was starting to think that I wouldn’t have anything to write about!

I then realised I’d been unconsciously clocking wildlife throughout the day without even seeing it. As we’d walking across a retail park on the hunt for clothes for a wedding (I really hate shopping!) I’d smiled at the screaming of Swifts, I’d woken to the sounds of House Sparrows and Starlings in the garden and was welcomed home by the chirps of Goldfinches as we walked in the front door.

That’s the joy of birdsong – you don’t have to see the birds to know they are there!

Stay wild!


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