Day 22 – Get Arty

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_22

On Day 22, inspired by @YOLOBirder, I got my sketchbook out to do some drawing. He has come up with the brilliant idea of compiling donated bird art work into a book which will then be auctioned off as a one off piece to raise money for conservation! Who can say no to that?! I knew my sketches/painting would not match up to the quality of some pieces that will be offered up so I decided to go for a piece using my own style of bold black lines. After spending some time ooh-ing and ah-ing over what to draw I settled on a Common Crane as their feathers are fantastic and lend themselves rather well to this style. I have to pay attention to the bird that I want to draw and work out which features are vital to include to ensure the species of bird is identifiable from the finished drawing. I found the head rather tricky as it has some bold blocks of colour which are hard to convey when working in just black and white. I eventually figure it out and am pretty happy with the finished result.

My contribution (sorry for the awful photo quality!)
Β Stay wild!

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