Day 24 – Creatures of the Night

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_24

Day 24 saw me venturing out rather later then normal and looking for creatures that come out at night!

A group of us decided to head to Totternhoe with the hope of seeing Stag Beetles and Glow Worms. The Stag Beetles are often spotted in the village with many records coming from peoples back gardens. We’d seen reports for them being spotted near the pub on both Weds and Thurs night, with one group even having the chance to hold a beetle so we were feeling pretty hopeful. We must have looked a strange bunch huddled in the ever increasing gloom hoping desperately for a giant beetle to fly past! Unfortunately we had no luck – our only company was the Common Pipistrelle’s flying past.

We decided to head up to Totterhoe Knolls to see if we would have better luck at finding glow worms. By this point it was almost completely dark, which we hoped would make the glow worms easier to pick out. We were in luck! Matt, who had never seen a glow worm before, was the first to pick one out; a beautiful female snuggled up in a tussock of grass. As we made our way carefully around the rest of the siteΒ (it’s amazing how different somewhere can seem in the dark) we all managed to find some of these fascinating little creatures. We had a mix of adult females, which glow strongly and consistently from two segments at the end of the body, and larvae, which glow much weaker and infrequently from smaller parts of the segments. Male glow worms (which we didn’t see) look more like how you’d a normal beetle to look; they have wings which they used to fly around and find the glowing females. Of course we have recorded all of our sightings!

Glow worm tucked up in the vegetation

If you want a chance to see glow worms at Totternhoe then check out the Creatures of the Night event being run by the Wildlife Trust by clickingΒ here

Stay wild!

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