Day 25 – A view from the Zoo

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_25

Saturday night saw us attending the Sunset Safari at Whipsnade Zoo, thanks to the generosity of some of my old volunteers who kindly gave me a pair of tickets for the event.

The zoo is open late for visitors to see the animals and enjoy some entertainment. I absolutely loved the butterfly house! We had cracking views of the Lynx and Wolverine and I mooned over some Zebra foals. The Birds of the World show was really impressive; they flew a White Stork and seeing a flock of White Faced Whistling Ducks erupt from a rainbow flurry of Macaws was amazing!

Glasswings butterflies are incredible!

It was a beautiful evening and amongst all the exotic animals we had a chance to admire the Bedfordshire countryside at it’s finest. The Zoo is on the very edge of the Chilterns, on top of the same ‘hill’ that makes up Whipsnade and Dunstable Downs. The evening light made for some spectacular views!

Bedfordshire looking beautiful
Not a bad view at all!

Stay wild!


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