Day 28 – Pond Dipping (again)

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_28

I know I did pond dipping way back on Day 1 of 30 Days Wild but I’ve had such a fun evening I have to include it again.

After a day of fencing with the volunteers and admiring wildflowers at Pegsdon I spent this evening leading a pond dipping session for a local Beaver group at the Chalk Pit.

I’ve never run a session for such a young group before (6-8 year olds) so was a little nervous as to whether they’d be interested in what I had to say and would enjoy the activity. I needn’t have worried. They loved it!

We tried a different pond to the one we used for Youth Rangers (I thought littler legs wanted a shallower slope) but still managed to find lots of critters – water boatmen, water beetles,snails, and nymphs/larvae of both damsel and dragonflies. The boys really enjoyed getting stuck in and investigating their finds. It was amazing to see their fascination and hear them repeats facts I’d told them to each other. 

To end the session I managed to net a Smooth Newt for the boys to admire. It wasn’t quite the baby dinosaur they’d hoped for but I like to think it was a good was to end the evening.

Admiring a newt

Stay wild!


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