30 Days Wild – Here we go again! #30DaysWildBlanket

Heart hands @Dani Cox
So June is approaching which means that 30 Days Wild is nearly upon us. I really enjoyed taking part last year but decided that this year I wanted to do something different, as I already spend lots of time outside engaging with the natural world through work and in my spare time.

I’ve decided that this year I want to be a little creative and so I’m combining my love of nature with one of my other favourite things, crochet, to make a 30 Days Wild blanket! I’m using the run up to the start of June to play with designs and decide exactly how the blanket will look but the general idea is that the blanket will be made up of different squares and on each of these squares I will be adding a nature themed appliquΓ©. I plan to make one every day so will end up with at least 30 squares though I hope to add banners and a border to the blanket to make it look ‘complete’. The fun for me is in the making (I may change my mind by day 30 when I have granny squares everywhere!) so I have already spoken to the Comms team for the Wildlife Trust I work for and offered to donate the blanket to them to do with as they wish; raffle it off, display at a visitor centre or use in the office if anyone is feeling chilly.

30 days wild crochet planning
Planning in the sun

I’ll show the squares off each day on here, twitter and instagram and I plan to have a page on this blog where I’ll provide links to all the patterns I use.

It should be lots of fun, and a little bit of a challenge but now that I’ve told people about it I definitely have to do it. Wish me luck!



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