Day 2 – Ladybird

Today’s offering for the blanket is a ladybird!

For the basic ladybird shape I used the pattern for a ladybird applique from Repeat Crafter Me (she has some awesome animal appliques so I may be returning to her blog later in the blanket).

The bits that make up a ladybird 🙂

When it came to putting the lady bird together I’ve tried to make it look like a seven-spot ladybird. I think I’ve been fairly successful 😊

The finished square

Stay wild!


Technical stuff
Granny Square – Solid granny square – 4.5mm hook – Stylecraft Special DK in Greengage and Cream
Ladybird – 3.5mm hook – Stylecraft Special DK in Lipstick ,Black and White

4 thoughts on “Day 2 – Ladybird

      1. I will do once I get started, I have somehow misplaced the tablecloth I have in mind to embroider onto and need to search it out, I’ve ordered the embroidery thread and have it ready to start.

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