Day 8 – Fox

I’d forgotten that the counter for day 8 was an otter!!! Maybe I need to re-do my square? Or not.

I’ve received a lot of love for this blanket on social media – thank you all for your lovely comments. It means a lot to see people enjoying my handiwork 😍 I enjoy the making process as I get to see how a bit of wool can become anything I want. You all get to see my pretty pictures – what you don’t see is the messy stages before hand. One of the best bits of this blanket is that I don’t have to weave all my end in as I can hide lots of them between the applique and the granny square (weaving ends is the worst bit of crocheting – it’s SO tedious).

This is what all square looks like before I stick it together:

Look at all those ends!

With my trusty darning needle and a bit of patience I can make it look like this:

Much better!

I got some more yarn today to start making the banners for this blanket and I’ll need to start thinking about sewing all the squares together soon!

Stay wild!


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