Days 16 – 20 – Dolphin, Swift, Sycamore, Bumblebee, Owl

I’ve been a little quiet on here lately but the blanket hasn’t been forgotten! Last weekend I went home for my little brothers birthday and fathers day; the weather was gorgeous and it was so nice to be with my family that I couldn’t bring myself to pick up my crochet hook! However I am very much aware that we are very close to the end of June and 30 Days Wild so I have been busy catching up. I have everything made up and am now in the process of sewing everything together.

The last ten days worth of squares all ready to be sewn up!

Here’s a closer look at days 16 – 20 all finished:

Day 16 – Dolphin

Day 17 – Swift

Day 18 – Sycamore leaf

Day 19 – Bumblebee

Day 20 – Owl

These are a mix of patterns I’ve found online or that I have made up myself.  I will update with all the details soon but I have another 5 squares with ends to sew in!

Stay wild!


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