About Me

Me - and my friend Penny the Poplar Hawkmoth
Me – and my friend Penny the Poplar Hawkmoth

I’m Beth, a twenty-something year old with a huge love of our natural world. I have a slight (or rather large) obsession with Otters and a soft spot for ducks. Apart from these my current interest is normally defined by what I’ve spotted most recently whilst out and about, though mammals and butterflies will always get my attention.

I spent my childhood either playing outside, squelching in mud and scrambling up trees, or with my nose buried in a book reading about the plight of the Animals of Farthing Wood or Tarka the Otter. This helped my love for the natural world grow, which four years studying MSci Zoology at the University of Nottingham only deepened; opening my eyes to just how truly fascinating the living things we share this planet with are.

After completing a year as a Wildlife Skills Practical Conservation Trainee with Somerset Wildlife Trust, and doing a stint with the National Trust at a couple of locations, I am currently working for for the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire. I do work all across the county and count myself very lucky to be doing a job I’m passionate about.

I’m also extremely proud to be a committee member for A Focus On Nature, the network for young conservationists, helping runs projects and rounding up the rabble at Birdfair.

This blog is a way to (rather sporadically) document the numerous ways I connect with our natural world, whether through my job, outdoor adventures or getting creative with my sketch pad.


Beth 🙂


(all views expressed in this blog are my own)



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