Day 29 – Bat

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_29I completely forgot to share this square yesterday! I posted it on instagram but neglected the blog – sorry!
So here’s day 29:


I really struggled to get a good photo of this square but I promise it looks better in real life!

Stay wild!


Day 28 – Snail

One lovely little snail!

Only two days left! It’s gone so quick! I’m a little in love with the blanket and chuffed that I’ve managed to pretty much keep on top of making all the squares 🙂

Stay wild!

Days 26 and 27 – Frog and Seahorse

How fitting – I made a frog for day 26 without even realising that there was a frog on the counter!

Day 27  – Seahorse

The seahorse is another pattern from Maria’s Blue Crayon – she’s currently making an Ocean themed afghan and the patterns are just to good to resist.

So that’s me all caught up with making/sharing the squares. Now I need to give some thought to bordering the blanket. I would love to completely finish it on Friday but that may be a little ambitious. We’ll see.

Stay wild!

Days 21 – 25 – Caterpillar, Rabbits, Fish, Acorn, Starfish

Very nearly all caught up now!

Day 21 – Caterpillar

Day 22 – Rabbits

I had only planned to make one but I thought it looked a little lonely all by itself on the big square!

Day 23 – Fish

I had no plans to do a fish but stumbled across this pattern across and thought it was brilliant compared to a lot of the more simplistic designs I had seen so just had to include it.

Day 24 – Acorn

Day 25 – Starfish

Only a few squares left to do! I already know what I want to do for day 30 so just need to think of a couple of ideas for the days in between. 

Stay wild!

Days 16 – 20 – Dolphin, Swift, Sycamore, Bumblebee, Owl

I’ve been a little quiet on here lately but the blanket hasn’t been forgotten! Last weekend I went home for my little brothers birthday and fathers day; the weather was gorgeous and it was so nice to be with my family that I couldn’t bring myself to pick up my crochet hook! However I am very much aware that we are very close to the end of June and 30 Days Wild so I have been busy catching up. I have everything made up and am now in the process of sewing everything together.

The last ten days worth of squares all ready to be sewn up!

Here’s a closer look at days 16 – 20 all finished:

Day 16 – Dolphin

Day 17 – Swift

Day 18 – Sycamore leaf

Day 19 – Bumblebee

Day 20 – Owl

These are a mix of patterns I’ve found online or that I have made up myself.  I will update with all the details soon but I have another 5 squares with ends to sew in!

Stay wild!

Day 15 – Fern

We’re half way through 30 Days Wild!

Today we have a little fern (it does look quite like bracken but they both work)

Pattern from Attic 24 winter wreath.

As we’re halfway through I’ve stared to assemble the blanket and have even made a banner but it’s date night (aka Matt’s payday) so we’re off out for dinner and finishing that off can wait until later 🙂 If you want a sneak peek look on my instagram stories (@bethaucott)

Stay wild!